My family and I just got back from our spring break trip to MEXICO! It was so much fun and I am already dying to go back! We all got our passports renewed a couple years ago, and we've been looking for a chance to leave for awhile. I hadn't even left the country since I was a toddler!


So I guess I'm going to just share my favorite pictures from the trip down below, and I'll try to link outfit details as well. I also made a little video of our trip that I will link here if you wanna see it:)



 swimsuit: Amazon  |  hat: I "made" it; I found a hat like this on the beach last summer and I took a pink ribbon from Walmart and hot glued it on (similar style here and here). 





 ^^We ate some really good seafood at a cute little place across the street. This is the farthest we wondered from our resort!



 ^^View from our room. Photo creds to my little brother:)



 ^^Everyone's favorite drink! I don't know how many of these I drank (they contained no alcohol by the way, haha). My favorite was half stawberry, half pina colada. Ugh now I want one. 


swimsuit: Amazon  |  hat:  Ralph Lauren but mine is super old; Walmart sells super cute ones though, and they are cheaper;)  |  sunglasses: Target



 ^^I came across this cute little house on a walk so I took a picture:)



 ^^ swimsuit: Amazon, of course! Amazon is a seriously good place to get swimsuits, guys. They have unlimited options, mostly around $20, and you can almost always return it if it doesn't work for you. One of my favorite things about shopping on Amazon is how you can see other customer images and read about how they fit other people who have the same body type as you. 



I already miss Mexico so much. One of my favorite things about the trip was the people; the workers we met in the hotel and in various restraunts. They were just so kind and genuine! My sister had her birthday there, and to celebrate we went to a steakhouse located inside the resort we stayed at (we were at the Marriot, in case you were wondering). When we called ahead to make a reservation, we told them Josie was celebrating her birthday. When we showed up they told Josie to close her eyes. They led us over to a big area that they had decortaed in balloons, signs, and confetti. It was so sweet! And later they took a picure of us, and had it printed out and framed before we were even done eating. I mean, all that to say, the guest service there was better than any I have ever experienced and I would recommend that resort for sure!


Thank you for reading! I'm so sorry; it's been so long since I've posted. I've been having some technical difficulties, and long story short, I had to change how the blog was organized. This also changed the appearance of some of the pages. Although I liked the old look better, the way this one runs is so much easier to manage. It's very hard to explain;) But all that to say, hopefully I'll be posting a lot more now! I'll try to post once a week, so keep an eye on your inbox! If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so here


Have a happy Monday!























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