San Diego!

I am suuuuper late to be posting about my trip to San Diego, but it was one of my all-time favorite vacations so I couldn't just skip over it! I love California so much and I really wanted to experience more of it, so my parents took me to San Diego for my senior trip! Here I'll share my favorite restaurants we ate at, activities we did, places we shopped, where we stayed, and the cutest places to take pictures.



Day One


Thursday morning, June 7, we started off the day bright and early at the Lazy Hummingbird for breakfast. Their acai bowls were heavenly! We made several more visits to this little coffee shop during our trip. Mmmmmmmmm.


After breakfast, I went surfing! Or I tried to, haha. Surfing had been on my bucket list for a long time. It was amazing! I went to Ocean Beach Surf School for an hour, which was the way to go since I could not have even carried my board without an instructor, haha. I ended up spraining my ankle or something when I fell off my board, which put me on crutches for a few hours. It was so worth it though!


After I went surfing, we went to Sunset Cliffs to watch the waves. Such a beautiful place!

 ^swimsuit from Kingdom & State (top, bottoms)


After the Cliffs, we ate lunch then went to the CUTEST COFFEE SHOP EVER! I saw it on Pinterest, and I knew I had to go there. It had my name all over it; it's seriously like it was built for me, haha. It's called Holy Matcha.


 Around the tea/coffee shop were the cutest little shops! I got some super cute pictures in and around the shops, one of which was a store called Pigment (these pictures are all from this store). I seriously could have spent hours in there! They sold plants, stationary, jewlery, kitchenware, etc!!! 


The rest of the day was more relaxing since I got to the point where I couldn't walk anymore so we had to head back to the house. It was the strangest thing; I got crutches and everything, but the next day I was compleatly fine! 

^before we decided to call it a day, haha. I tried to get a cute picture but I just couldn't stand right. You can tell I'm in so much pain, lol.



Day Two


This day was so much fuuuun! We took a walking food tour around the Gas Lamp District. It was my first food tour. I'd always wanted to go on one! It was amazing; we went to 7ish different restaurants and I got to try so many unique and authentic foods.


 ^Walking through the streets of the Gas Lamp District during the food tour! Thank goodness I was able to walk that day-yikes.


Later, we went to the pier at Mission Beach and walked the beach and the little fair/carnival thing they had going on there. There were some pretty strange people down there on a Friday night, haha, but I thought it was cool. There was also an Urban Outfitters over there (whoop, whoop) and a real tasty sandwhich shop. We also ate at the Baked Bear: a cookie shop where you pick out any kind of ice cream to go between the cookies and a topping to roll it in. Mmmmmmmm.


We wrapped the day up by going back to Sunset Cliffs and watching the sunset. It was so beautiful; I just wanna go back!!



Day 3


On the last day (sniff, sniff), we went on a trolly tour through San Diego. We started in Old Town and then got off on Coronado Island. There, we rode bikes and ate lunch for a couple hours before getting back on the trolly and going to Balboa Park. Balboa Park contains tons of gardens that usually charge admission, but we were able to find a little cactus garden that was free of charge. 


 ^you can't tell, but I'm pretty sure I'm in Old Town here


 ^ the yum yum yummy food we ate at Il Fornaio on Coronado Island


^the cactus garden was a highlight of the trip; I even got some spines in my ankle as a souvenir;)



Later that night, we changed then went to eat one last acai bowl before heading down to the beach one more time.

 ^I found my dream van!:):):)


 ^The last three are pictures of our little Air BNB that we rented. It was so cute. These little flowers on the trellis went all the way around the house, making it smell amazing! 


I'm so thankful I got to experience such an amazing trip with my sweet parents! I grew so much closer to them on the trip and made some memories I'll never forget!


Thank you so much for reading! Some of the pictures weren't the best, and I probably said "haha" and "fuuuun" way too many times, but I'm super duper glad I documented the trip; even if it was like half a year later, haha:)



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